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What is Cold Brew?

Although is not something new, there are many people who consume cold coffee and enjoy all its properties.   Cold Brew is beginning to take root in the coffee culture. But, what is cold brew coffee? There are still some people who are not clear...
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Differences between milk froth and milk cream

First of all, we speak of froth and cream as if they were the same substance. When milk is creamed to obtain foam, what is done is to emulsify the consistent milk that allows us, for example, to make Latte Art.   This is what is traditionally...
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Cafés Roura S.A. renew its image

Cafès Roura SA, has been linked to the world of coffee since 1958. And now, more than ever, after more than 60 years of history, wants to be by your side and collaborate in everything within its reach.   It is the third generation of the Roura...
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